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Turn your passion into a profession

For 40 years, Jazz à Tours has supported musicians who want to turn their passion into a profession. Far from any formatting and any standardization, the school excels with an education geared towards the realities of the musician's environment, by associating musical education, regular exposure to the stage and full support in professional integration.

"Artiste musicien professionnel", a course for musicians that want to become professionnals

The "Artiste musicien professionnel" course is aimed at all musicians wishing to make a living. It offers the essential tools to integrate into the professional world, whether it is musical background (instrument, theory, group play, etc.) or aspects related to the profession (self-production, socio-professional environment, communication , etc.).

The training revolves around current music, and allows musicians who wish to specialize in jazz. It also focuses on the art of performance with several concerts organized during the year.

Applications start February 6th

Apply before March 12th. The application "sign up" form will be followed by an interview via videoconference. These interviews may be supplemented by an audition. 

For more info please feel free to contact us at or by phone at +00 (33) 2 47 66 55 97


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